Unique Cooling Technology

Cool-U Technology utilizes ultra high capacity phase change materials tailored to function perfectly to control heat transfer.

Developed and tested over a period of many years, Cool-U Technology has proven highly effective in reducing heat build-up in mattresses, pillows and seating.

Phase Change Material

■ Absorbs heat while providing a cool to the touch feel
■ High heat capacity
■ Wash durability
■ TSCA registered & REACH pre-registered
With its industry leading latent heat capacity, Cool-U Technology reduces the need for larger quantities of coating – which improves the overall comfort of a mattress, pillow or seat. Cooling performance without compromising comfort.

Heat Regulating Capability

Cool-U Technology is specially formulated for each application to provide the optimum cooling performance. Applied to fabrics in specified quantities (depending on the end use) to absorb just the right amount of heat produced through human contact, Cool-U Technology initially reduces heat build-up, and then allows for its steady release over an extended period of time, to maintain high comfort levels.

Our unique phase change materials absorb heat as it builds up, storing it so that the fabric surface maintains its cool temperature. Once this process is completed, the heat is gradually released, allowing the fabric to remain at a comfortable temperature.